About MSK Pros

MSK Pros is an affiliate of GCI sales and Services, LLC

We offer stand-alone consulting, accreditation, performance improvement, quality, and information technology services to hospitals and outpatient imaging centers around the country. We have several years of experience assisting clients build first-in-class imaging centers. Our team consists of individuals with significant firm consulting experience, ex-imaging center owner/operators, and highly technical used diagnostic imaging equipment and engineers.

We can assist you with MRI, CT, PET/CT, mammography, and ultrasound accreditations. Our visits include (clinical scanning for MRI if requested), product training, and assistance throughout the entire process. Our consultants have unparalleled training and experience in helping clients apply for and properly maintain their ACR accreditations.

You may be in the market to replace your used diagnostic imaging equipment; it is essential to choose the right imaging system considering the competition, your organization and technicians, and the patient. When evaluating imaging systems, we find Price, Environmentally Friendly, Usage, End-Users, Service Contracts, Technical Support, and Service Updates.
MSK PROS can provide MRI safety audits and training. In addition, we provide proper training for your staff, which is essential to preventing life-threatening accidents and costly equipment damage, as well as to reduced liability.

We have evaluated several advanced and easy-to-use mobile image viewers designed to enable radiologists to view DICOM studies from any Apple or Android device.

We evaluate industry-leading diagnostic viewers providing fast and reliable viewing across all modalities. Our goal is to provide rapid, streamlined interpretation, anytime, anywhere, and for any case for both onsite and remote reading (viewing via desktop or and held devices).

Cloud computing in health care has more than quadrupled since 2014. As a result, organizations have begun to implement the cloud for application development and patient engagement. With increased demand, cloud computing can help close the gap due to a larger patient population and fewer medical staff.

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