O-Scan Elite

Esaote Dedicated MRI

O-scan Dedicated MRI is designed for imaging the Upper and Lower Joints (extremities), featuring advanced technologies like True-Motion for real-time imaging of the joint in motion, AI-based AgilExam, and MAR (Metallic Artefact Reduction) for post-operative follow-up.

AgilExam recognizes the anatomy and automatically suggests the setup of the MRI scan according to the chosen protocol. AgilExam facilitates the work for the MRI tech improving consistency and reducing exam times. Once the scout scan has been acquired the setup time for the complete exam is a matter of seconds which AgilExam adjusts the slice orientation and number of slices of the scans in the chosen examination protocol. AgilExam is available for the knee, ankle and wrist.

True-Motion can be beneficial to image the joint in real-time movement and adds only a few minutes to a standard exam. When static MRI does not give the answer. There are pathologies that are position, or movement related like e.g. impingements. For these pathologies it can be beneficial to image the joint in real-time movement.

Offering a comprehensive range of high-quality imaging capabilities for extremities, O-scan Elite provides an optimal patient experience with its unique ergonomics and open design. Light-weight design and extremely small 5 gauss footprint make O-scan suitable for fitting in any office environment. O-scan MRI does not require the need for helium, so the system’s cost-effectiveness fully complements the impact on patient comfort with an examination. The MRI equipment is not claustrophobic and is suitable for large and anxious patients. Esaote dedicated Extremity MRI creates detailed anatomical images of the elbow, hands, wrists, fingers from the upper extremity, and foot, ankle, and knee from the lower extremity.

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Features that set O-scan apart from its Competitors

Maintenance-free and Open Permanent Magnet

The permanent magnet always offers a magnetic field at full strength, so it does not require either electrical power or coolants for operation. Compared to superconducting magnets, permanent magnets provide a more open patient environment and less external field.

Ergonomic design to Maximize Patient Comfort

Three-dimensional imaging of the patient in various positions could provide great insights to validate and improve the current biomechanical models. Unfortunately, horizontal MRIs do not offer that kind of flexibility in terms of subject positioning.

Multiplanar Scout

Multiplanar reconstruction allows clinicians to create new 3D reconstructions from a stack of images in planes.

Remote Service Capability

The remote service capability enables the technicians to troubleshoot and fix imaging equipment remotely, significantly decreasing the frequency and duration of trips to complete on-site repairs.

eXP Technology enables faster and high-quality MR imaging

eXP technology allows shorter examination times, better system economics, and enhances patient's comfort. Better image quality results in better diagnosis and marketing of MRI services.

Stability for even larger patients

The device is more comfortable for significantly overweight or obese patients finding the MRI procedures claustrophobic

Real-time image monitor to check patient positioning directly from the Gantry

The device can perform MRI exams in real-time, simplifying and accelerating established procedures and adding new possibilities. Also, the short exam times lead to fewer failures due to motion problems, leading to reduced costs.

Easy to use Windows-based user interface

The easy-to-use Windows-based interface helps to simplify the scanning of patients with MR conditional implants, hip replacements, pacemakers, spine implants, and implantable defibrillators.

Complete set of dedicated DPA coils

The complete set of dedicated DPA coils guarantee high sensitivity, patient friendliness, and best exam performance.

Clinical Images

Thanks to a combination of dedicated MSK sequences, advanced RF coils, and patented computing technology, Esaote MRI systems deliver high-quality MSK images in line with today’s throughput constraints.


Experience O-scan, the faster track to MRI for extremities.

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