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Acuity CDR | RadmediX

Radmedix has expanded our proven straight arm line with a new advanced x-ray system designed specifically for chiropractic care, the Acuity CDR. The Acuity CDR is a smaller more compact system which comes with a variety of features such as full software integration, magnetic lock brakes, 40kw generator, LED collimator, and a removeable grid.

Acuity FDR+ | RadmediX

The Acuity FDR+ features an advanced, 10″ user-friendly intuitive touchscreen that provides a seamless operation of your radiographic system. It displays graphical tube angulation, SID values, and tube to bucky auto sync. With a range of advanced safety workflow and positioning features, the Acuity FDR+ is a high performance x-ray system offering unparalleled price-performance ratio.

Acuity PDR Setup | Radmedix

Demonstration of how to setup our Acuity PDR mobile x-ray system.

Acuity SDR+ | RadmediX

The Acuity SDR+, is a digital radiography (DR) system designed for a wide range of general and specialized diagnostic imaging needs.

G3 Acuity DR Wireless Panels | RadmediX

Upgrade Now! Experience innovative unbeatable wireless panel performance. Increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence today!