O-scan Equine

Esaote Dedicated MRI

The O-scan equine offers unsurpassable performance, comparable to the image quality of 1.5T systems.

The system covers imaging of the foot, pastern, fetlock, high suspensory, carpus, and tarsus regions of the equine limb. With the unique 3D SHARC sequence for articular cartilage evaluation and the XBONE to evaluate bone marrow edema and soft tissue structures, you can easily make a complete assessment of the suspected pathology in a very short examination time.

The most complete Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE) can also be executed very effectively with the O-scan equine to evaluate the musculoskeletal system. Most abnormalities such as conformation defects, previous injuries, and surgical scars can be identified well as current soundness.

The innovative design of the O-scan equine integrates a complete MRI system in one unique structure, including RF shielding, with low weight and minimal space needed for installation.

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Unique Advantages For You

Esaote’s product development efforts have been highly focused on optimizing its MRI systems’ features, performance, and image quality. eXP technology leads to faster over response thanks to a number of sophisticated MRI software techniques designed around the new concept of parallel computing. eXP technology will substantially improve MRI examination by reducing scan times and improving image quality.

Premium Image Quality

Higher image quality for more accessible and more reliable diagnosis leads to optimal marketing for your services

Low Power Consumption

Unlike high field systems, the O-scan equine makes careful use of resources by requiring less energy and no cryogenic liquids, resulting in very low maintenance costs.

eXP Advanced Hardware

Optimized features, performance, and image quality. Designed around the new concept of parallel computing, eXP will substantially improve MRI examination by reducing scan times and improving image quality.

Plug & Play

From the day of delivery, the system is fully operational and ready to use after 2 weeks; 1 week of installation, set-up, tuning, and 1 week of operating and application user training.

High-Speed MRI

Shorter examination time means more comfort for the patient and higher efficiency with pre-programmed protocols that simplify and speed up examination procedures.


The fastest track to diagnosis and treatment, with the O-scan equine installed in your surgery room.

Clinical Images

Thanks to a combination of dedicated MSK sequences, advanced RF coils, and patented computing technology, Esaote MRI systems deliver high-quality MSK images in line with today’s throughput constraints.


Esaote O-scan MRI Equine

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